ServSafe® Test Proctoring

Do you just need to take the ServSafe® test?

If you decide to study at home or to undergo the ServSafe® Manager online course, ServSafe® proctors like ourselves still need to be present when you take your test. We offer test proctoring services in our office in Dover, N.J., anytime between 8 AM and 3 PM, on any Monday, Wednesday or Friday for $100.00 per student. You can also come to one of our public classes to just take the test for $100.00 per student. Remember: we provide an electronic test voucher for every ServSafe® Manager test proctoring service.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for a ServSafe® Manager test proctoring session in our office in 81 Bassett Hwy suite 5, Dover, NJ. Once you proceed to register, we will send you a session confirmation and our complimentary food safety study guide via email.

What you need to know:

The ServSafe® Food Protection Manager test consists of 90 multiple choice questions. Since the test is taken online, you will have immediate access to your eCertificate – valid for 5 years – if you pass with a score of 75 percent or more. The ServSafe® Manager test is available in English, Spanish and Chinese. The allotted time to take the test is two (2) hours.