MG Food Safety offers you  the “Real Training” Servsafe® Classes for Manager Certification (English – Spanish):

1. Public Servsafe®  Classes:
We offer Public Servsafe® Classes in different locations in New Jersey included our main Office, located in :
342 Quaker Church  Rd. Apt. 252
Randolph, NJ 07869

2. Private Servsafe® – Classes: We offer the best Food Safety Training  at the comfort of your establishment/place, which gives your employees the advantage of learning in their everyday environment and getting a hand-on approach. Just let us know when, where, at what time, and we’ll be there for the Private Servsafe Class and the  Online Test on the same day. We provide all material for the class.

3. Servsafe® Proctoring Services:
For those who have already studied at home by Servsafe Manager Online Course or by independent study. When ready to take the test,  we offer a public (in our office) or a private Servsafe  Proctoring Service

4. Servsafe® for Foodhandlers and Employees:
We also provide Public and Private Servsafe fooddhandlers Classes either in English or Spanish for employees (food handlers, waiters, waitresses, busboys)

5. Servsafe® Alcohol:
Do you want to save  money in your insurance cost? We provide Servsafe Alcohol classes for Managers, waitstaff and  bartenders. We offer both Primary and Advanced test.

6. Servsafe® California Foodhandlers.
Certification  for California Food Handlers Card, English – Spanish

7. ManageFirst®
Cost control, Inventory, Production, Human Resources and more

8. Consulting.
For additional information or for our special price for Servsafe Classes for two o more students  please feel to Contact Us at: 973 876 3730 or


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